Wendee Moller

Volunteer Horse Carer

Creator of The Shamba Vegetable Garden

When Wendee first arrived at The Shamba, what is now the vegetable garden area was a sea of stinging nettles, overgrown and un-established.


She identified an area where she could help Jane and Andy and has visited the farm every Sunday since spring 2014. Wendee, diligently works hard to transform it into a productive resource and pleasant area where visitors can absorb its natural and rural country surroundings.

Wendee's commitment and determination stood out and impressed everyone so much that Jane and Andy wanted to acknowledge that by naming the vegetable garden area "Wendee's Garden"


she would often be seen pulling nettles with her bare hands for hours in all weather conditions clearing the horrid weeds herself being stung black and blue freezing cold, soaked through to the skin.  

Her attitude toward getting the job done drove her to extra ordinary extremes to ensure she wouldn't be beaten by her challenge to produce food for the farm.

Wendee has achieved great success here, both for the farm and herself from giving herself the time to be herself away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. she has grown and produced some delicious yummy tomatoes, marrows and broad beans.

She has supported The Shamba in ways that express real kindness and friendship to help look after the horses and lighten the work load of Jane and Andy with their challenge to maintain proper care and upkeep of the land.

The energy and support she shares from her nature continues to inspire.....


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