Random RoundHouse Photos

What is The Shamba Roundhouse? 

Due to its remote location, quietness and the tranquil place situated on the tip of a Horse Rescue farm has given it a preferred place to visit to enjoy and absorb natures wonders in their truest forms.

It can be used for birthday parties that feature bonfires, outdoors activities, camping or perhaps as a place to teach or learn classes of Yoga and Meditation.

What else can you use the round house for? well pretty much anything you want to experience, talk to us about your ideas and we will work with you to develop them. 

A place to fins real solitude while 4 miles for the city of Ely, in Cambridgeshire.

Remote venue to meditate 

Filming location 

Birthday parties

Special events

BushCraft weekends

Corporate meetings

Team building groups

Nature observation breaks

Teach mindfulness like Yoga or martial arts

Astronomy nights, UFO spotting Sky watching



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