Jane Langley

Jane Langley

Creator of The Shamba Project

Equine Carer and Therapist

Founder of 

Shamba Horse Rescue

Spends her life caring for horses and helps others to take care of them. Rescuing Revitalizing, Re-homing, Restoring... 

Retired from a long and fulfilling career as a Registered Nurse (RDN)  and dental manager (DipDPM) whilst undergoing treatment for cancer.

Now devotes all her time to loving and caring for our rescued horses, developing The Shamba Project and working with young people as a youth worker.

Shamba Horse Rescue Background

I started rescuing horses and ponies at a very young age, 10 to be exact. Unable to afford to have the ponies that won competitions or excelled in an equestrian discipline,   I was more than happy to settle for those that needed a little more understanding and sympathy to reach their potential. As a child I was also an outsider who never seemed to fit into the mainstream so I felt a kinship with these misfit ponies and together we learnt so much.

 At this early age I felt the enormous therapeutic benefit of being around these wonderful animals and communicating with them. If I needed a shoulder to cry on they would always be there, they would always listen and not be judgmental. This unconditional love and acceptance is why I believe that although I rescue horses they have also rescued me and can do the same for anyone who is open to learning their language and sharing their world. These wonderful animals have the ability to read our emotions and connect with us. They respond to our energies and true feelings. Time spent with these sensitive and intuitive animals, exceptional companions and loyal friends helps us to heal, regenerate and rediscover our inner selves.

Horses can make us feel happier, healthier and more grounded.

Shamba  Horse Rescue was started in 2005 after I moved to the fens from East Sussex. Already the owner of five wonderful rescued horses and ponies, I needed to find a property with the land to accommodate my growing equine family. Shortly after arriving at The Shamba I was able to rescue a very special little mare called Caline (Cally). She came to me as her owner had returned to France and left her alone and unwanted despite having been a beautiful top competition pony in her youth. This lovely pony, whose full story ( in her own words) is told under our pony profiles section, was with me for 10 years. During her time with me I developed a very strong bond with her and she became the inspiration for Shamba Horse Rescue. Sadly I lost her in December 2015 but she is still very much with me in spirit and always in my thoughts.

At present we have 14 residents ranging from Alfie, a tiny 29” miniature Shetland stallion to Ceri a lovely 15.3hh  Welsh Cob Mare. All the equine profiles can be seen on our web page. We love them all for what they are and not because of what they can do. Some are young and will be ridden in the future and become part of our horse therapy programme,  others are older with minor health issues and will live out their days with us being loved and pampered.

At Shamba  Horse Rescue our mission is to continue to rescue and protect our vulnerable equine friends and to share the joy that this brings with others who visit us as volunteer helpers or come to enjoy learning more about caring for horses and ponies on our courses.

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