Freqentley asked questions

Q: What is The Shamba Project ?

The Shamba Project is an outdoor activity facility situated on a horse rescue farm near Ely in rural Cambridgeshire. It was an Idea originally started when Glen visited the farm as a volunteer and saw the incredible bravery of Jane Langley and how she was living her life. As a Cancer drug trial patient, holding down a full time job in a dental surgery (as a qualified nurse) while maintaining most of the responsibilities essential to running a Horse Rescue Sanctuary caring for 15 unwanted ponies and upset that she couldn't help more. 

Just before his arrival Jane had gone through some of the toughest Cancer treatments that had almost taken her life, she was extremely frail, exhausted but certainly NOT beaten, she wouldn't allow herself to give in to this wretched condition. Her battle was up against Melanoma and was enduring level 4 symptoms yet refusing to let it defeat her.

Her inspiring attitude and point blank refusal NOT to be destroyed by this killer Cancer drove her to deal with everything needed to care for these desperate ponies and seemed to use it to create an inner strength to persevere. When Glen observed what she was enduring, his heart sank and was overwhelmed with amazement how she did it, he gave up his job driving lorries for the Royal Mail and made her a promise to help her for four years with the aim that 4 years was long enough to achieve this goal, to support and work with her and Andy her partner to create an enterprise on the farm among the horses that would create a small revenue stream to cover the expense of looking after so many mouths to feed and that would enable her to give up her job to devote the rest of her life toward caring for them.

As well as care for the ponies and the heavy responsibility to earn enough each week to pay for their keep, Between them Jane and Andy had a 14 acre small holding to maintain and all the associated duties of keeping the land, barns, fencing to protect the horses safe and secure.

Q: What doe the word Shamba mean?

A:    Shamba, a Swahili word for a small plot used for growing subsistence crops and fruit-bearing            trees, often including the dwelling of the farmer

​        Shamba, a Shona word that means bath in English

Q: How many people can we bring on our team building weekend?


Q: Is Ranger Day open to the general public?


Q: Do you have a list of all the activities available?


Q: Is there an age limit on any of the activities?


Q: Can we operate our own activities at The Shamba?



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