Horse Communication  

Have you ever noticed how just being around horses can help you feel calm and relaxed ?

Come and enjoy a little time in a peaceful setting and spend time with our horses. Horses are naturally peace loving animals and also very intuitive. They will know what we think and feel long before we have spoken or touched them.  Horses can help heal and help us to learn about ourselves.

 If we learn to communicate with our horses and gain their trust using a language that they can understand, we don’t need to train them, just ask them.  Learn how to build lasting relationship and experience the thrill of the horse choosing you as their friend and ally.

You do not need previous experience with horses as the session will be tailored to suit your confidence and ability. For those who have not had experience of horses this is the chance to enjoy the inner calm that their presence can bring. If you are an experienced horse person you may never have considered just spending time with your horse with no time constraints or agenda, simply being in their company and learning to communicate with them.

The Session will include

  • A horses natural instincts and nature

  • How we study and use these instincts to help us communicate

  • Use of  body language and energy

  • Making Friends

  • Building a relationship

  • Practicing your new skills and spending time with your new friends


We can book group or individual sessions as required

Meet the Ponies Sessions

Shamba Horse Rescue offers our supporters and visitors the opportunity to meet all our rescued ponies and spend time with Jane and the Shamba Team. You will be introduced to all our ponies and hear their individual stories and how they came to be with us at Horse Rescue Rescue. This session will also include learning to groom a pony, feed and care for them. You may like to choose a pony to take on via our adoption scheme. If you adopt a pony you will receive regular updates about them and be able to come and visit and help care for them on our open days. Full details of our adoption scheme are listed separately.

The “Meet a Pony” sessions are two and a half hours long, either morning or afternoons and the cost for these is just £10 per person. We will also provide refreshments during your visit. The funds we receive from these sessions will be used to care for our ponies, buying feed, maintaining stables and paying for our farriery and vets visits.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the joy of caring for our family of resident ponies.

Booking details etc.......


  Pony Adoption Scheme   

If you would like to adopt one of our lovely ponies the cost is just £25 per year. This will mean that you receive regular updates on your pony’s progress and life at the stables. You will also be able to come along to any of our open days and enjoy grooming and spending time with your adopted pony. The money from our adoption scheme all goes to look after our ponies and maintain our stables and grazing land. We are always in need of funds as keeping the ponies is expensive and we want to be able to offer a sanctuary to more unwanted ponies in the future.

Basic horse and pony knowledge and care for children aged 8-12

This is an opportunity for children who love ponies to come and spend some time enjoying our equine friends and building their knowledge of pony care, communication and handling. No previous experience is required just a passion for ponies and a desire to learn.


Section One – Identifying your Pony and Equipment

  • Basic ground handling equipment and grooming brushes

  • Parts of the horses body

  • Colours

  • Markings

  • Measuring/height

  • Breeds

Section Two – Handling and Behaviour

  • Horses natural instincts

  • Basic communication skills

  • Safety around horses and ponies

  • Catching from the field

  • Handling and grooming in the stable or yard


Each section will be accompanied by a fun workbook to be completed as we go through the course. You can take this home to remember what you have learnt.  On successful completion of this book there will be a certificate and rosette presented to each student at the end of the session.


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