Ideas we are developing

Considering all fully baked ideas come from half baked ideas, here's a few of our half baked ones we are researching...

Knights of The Shamba Round House

Building a huge round table to accompany the round house. Then form a group of knights to act in re-enactments as one unit. To train and work together at The Shamba BaseCamp.

"Knight of The Shamba Round House" 

If your interested in finding out more about becoming an "Acting" "Knight of The Shamba Round House" 

PM Glen on Facebook (with confidence)

"Knight of The Shamba Round House" 

Level 1 Knight                 (Seat at the table)

Level 2 Trainee Knight   (Diligent training)

Level 3 Squire                 (Ranger with 4 years barrow duty)

Level 4 Ranger                (A Shamba Volunteer)

These will become highly sought after titles

How Far Can Your Imagination Reach

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