The Shamba Project has been developed to provide life improving experiences for both adults and children to improve their skills and understanding of how to survive and grow to reach their full potential on their journey of self development.

What is The Shamba Project? 

Modules are

The Shamba Ace (World class archery training)

SHR Shamba Horse Rescue (Horse rescue and equine therapies)

SMS Shamba Media Studios (Movie adventure experiences)

Dave Keen Bushcraft Academy (Global Adventure Expeditions)

The Shamba Roundhouse (Ancient meditation healing therapies)

The Shamba Guild (Ranger training school)

The Shamba Trail (Observing a closer look at nature)

Experiences from each module are aimed at using outdoor survival skills to develop a success focused mind set to enable each visitor to reach into themselves to find out who they really are to enhance their lives.

We believe that when individuals are immersed in nature they are given a certain kind of silence or connection to meet themselves. We call this “The Shamba Experience”

What is Shamba? The meaning of the word Shamba is Swahili for cultivated land


© 2019 Designed and developed by The Shamba Project Team

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